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SciAm's 2009 Gadget Guide: 10 Tech Toys You Deserve after a Tough Year [Slide Show]

This year will be remembered for the federal economic stimulus package, Wall Street bailouts, and just possibly a fun new gadget or two

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After a long year of belt tightening perhaps the time has come to reflect on all that you missed out on in 2009 and add some last-minute items to your holiday wish list. Although this year's Scientific American gadget guide features some pricey technology, such as a $1,100 dual-screen notebook computer, it also includes some practical and budget-conscious low-tech solutions that could help you resurrect water-damaged electronics, keep closer tabs on your electricity consumption, and warm your hands after you turn down the thermostat a bit.

View a slide show of the 2009 Scientific American Gadget Guide

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