SciAm's 2010 Gadget Guide: 10 Gizmos Taking Digital Learning and Entertainment to the Next Level [Slide Show]

Big pop-tech dominated the headlines this year, so we present an array of mainly pint-size products that may have sneaked under your radar


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Apple's iPad and Microsoft's Kinect for Xbox 360 (formerly Project Natal) may have taken the spotlight in the world of digital wonder this year, but there are plenty of other cool technologies to go around. Some, such as Literacy Bridge's Talking Book and GeoPalz's kid-friendly pedometers, are targeted at a very specific audience whereas others, including a solar-powered portable digital sound system and a low-cost high-definition Web camera, have much broader appeal. Still others, for example the treadmill desktop, are decidedly low-tech but no less interesting. This year, there's even a gadget to help your favorite golfer improve his or her swing.

View a slide show of the 2010 Scientific American Gadget Guide

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