4 Robots That Teach Children Science and Math in Engaging Ways

Modular, programmable automatons make STEM learning fun

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RobotsLAB offers a variety of educational robots, including the mini humanoid NAO and the two-wheeled Qbo series. The company also sells a kit known as the RobotsLAB BOX, which includes a tablet computer with 50 preloaded lesson plans and quizzes to help teachers incorporate the flying AR.Drone, stationary ArmBot, rolling Sphero and mobile Mustached Rover into their math and science curricula. “This helps teachers create the bridge between the concrete world and the abstract world of mathematical concepts,” says RobotsLAB CEO Elad Inbar.
Cost: NAO H25 Next Gen—$7,990; Qbo Pro Evo—$5,495; BOX Deluxe—$3,999

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