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4 Robots That Teach Children Science and Math in Engaging Ways

Modular, programmable automatons make STEM learning fun

Image: Photos courtesy of the UC Davis C-STEM Center




A bit more advanced than the other robots, Linkbots are modular, customizable machines that can be assembled into a variety of different robot types. The two main modules are equipped with accelerometers and connect wirelessly. Students working with the modules can use one module to control the other by simply moving one of them, sort of like waving a Nintendo Wii controller.
The robots, made by Barobo, can be programmed via a process similar to stop-motion animation—students use their hands to manipulate the robot, training it that way instead of giving it instructions with a computer. The Linkbots also come with software for programming more complex movements.
Cost: Linkbot Labs Starter Pack—$495

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4. EZ-Robot
4 Robots That Teach Children Science and Math in Engaging Ways  

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