Neutrinos, Mutating Viruses and More

Additional Resources for Advances Articles in the November 2013 Issue

A Cosmos of Particles
You can read more about the South Pole’s high-energy neutrino detector in this related online story. The study referenced in our November issue is available in Physical Review Letters.

A New Race to Earth’s End
The most remote point in the Arctic Ocean, known as the north pole of inaccessibility, has been misidentified for years. Its true location, 1,008 kilometers from the presumed spot, is published behind a pay wall in Polar Record.

Reading Your Bacterial Aura
To find out more about the bacterial communities that thrive in indoor spaces, check out this study in Indoor Air.

Sayonara, Supergiant
The full version of this story on disappearing star in the Whirlpool galaxy appears online. The study referenced is available in The Astrophysical Journal Letters

By the Numbers
Read the U.S. Centers for Disease Control’s report on the success of their smoking cessation campaign here. Research on the individual cost of a smoking employee is published behind a pay wall in Tobacco Control. The findings are broken down in the New York Times Well blog.

Steer Clear, Turtles
Research on this novel way of deterring turtles from fishing boats is published in Biology Letters.

What’s Better Than BMI?
A complete version of this story on the pitfalls of BMI (body mass index) as a health measurement is published online. The central study is published behind a pay wall in Science.

Mutating Viruses Lead Cops to the Criminals
Two studies on this use of epidemiology to track criminals are in BMC Biology.

Patent Watch
The application for this patent, which would serve as a walking aid for people with Parkinson’s and similar illnesses, is available online.

Wanted: Science Sugar Daddy
The full version of this story on labs seeking financial support is published online.

Tattoos, Ponytails and Protozoans
Find out more about the CellScopes used at the MicroZoo here.

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