Are the Into the Storm Tornadoes Realistic? Send Us Your Review

Four simultaneous twisters rip apart a small town in a new apocalyptic movie. Plausible or preposterous?

Wikipedia Commons/Justin Hobson

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The disaster movie Into the Storm opens in theaters nationwide on Friday, August 8. Storm chasers race after multiple tornadoes spawned by “the biggest storm ever,” which barrels into the town of Silverton and unleashes incredible destruction.
Early reviews and the film’s trailer suggest the movie contains a lot of science—some of which appears good, some which seems bad. If you see the movie this weekend, send us your comments about how the science and technology are portrayed. Tell us what you thought was right on or way off—anything from the physics of the twisters to the degree of damage to the gear used by the storm chasers.
We will post some of the most interesting commentaries, pro and con, next Tuesday. Please submit your text by Monday, August 11. Thanks in advance for contributing.

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