Authors: S. Jay Olshansky (School of Public Health, University of Illinois at Chicago), Leonard Hayflick (University of California at San Francisco) and Bruce A. Carnes (University of Chicago/National Opinion Research Center)

Endorsers (alphabetical order): Robert Arking, Allen Bailey, Andrzej Bartke, Vladislav V. Bezrukov, Jacob Brody, Robert N. Butler, Alvaro Macieira-Coelho, L. Stephen Coles, David Danon, Aubrey D.N.J. de Grey, Lloyd Demetrius, Astrid Fletcher, James F. Fries, David Gershon, Roger Gosden, Carol W. Greider, S. Mitchell Harman, David Harrison, Christopher Heward, Henry R. Hirsch, Robin Holliday, Thomas E. Johnson, Tom Kirkwood, Leo S. Luckinbill, George M. Martin, Alec A. Morley, Charles Nam, Sang Chul Park, Linda Partridge, Graham Pawelec, Thomas T. Perls, Suresh Rattan, Robert Ricklefs, Ladislas (Leslie) Robert, Richard G. Rogers, Henry Rothschild, Douglas L. Schmucker, Jerry W. Shay, Monika Skalicky, Len Smith, Raj Sohal, Richard L. Sprott, Andrus Viidik, Jan Vijg, Eugenia Wang, Andrew Weil, Georg Wick and Woodring Wright.

Acknowledgements: Funding for this work was provided by the National Institutes of Health/National Institute on Aging for S. Jay Olshansky (AG13698-01) and Bruce A. Carnes (AG00894-01).

Corresponding Author:
S. Jay Olshansky
School of Public Health
University of Illinois at Chicago
1603 West Taylor Street, Room 885
Chicago, Illinois 60612
847-537-7278 (voice)
847-537-7188 (fax)

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