Bitcoin Vies with New Cryptocurrencies as Coin of the Cyber Realm

As hundreds of “altcoin” knockoffs are minted online, bitcoins no longer dominate as the principal form of digital currency





What it is
Dogecoin shows what branding can do for the adoption of a currency. The dogecoin team was inspired by an Internet meme featuring a cute and cuddly shiba inu puppy, which is now the trademark of the popular coin. The team also chose to make tons of them. There are now more dogecoins in circulation than there are bitcoins. And although they are lower in value, some people say that’s actually a good thing. Most of us do our best math to the left side of the decimal point. It’s simply a lot easier to think about 100 dogecoins than it is to think about 0.1 bitcoin. This may be one reason that dogecoin has excelled as the currency of choice for online tipping.
Who started it
Jackson Palmer, a hobbyist programmer living in San Francisco, and Billy Markus, a former engineer at IBM.
Similar altcoins
Coinye, named after hip-hop artist Kanye West (without his consent)
Current exchange rate
1 dogecoin = $0.0004

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