Cognitive Radio: Overview/Intelligent Radios

  • Cognitive radio is an emerging smart wireless communications technology that will be able to find and connect with any nearby open radio frequency to best serve the user. Thus, a cognitive radio should be able to switch from a band of the radio spectrum that is blocked by interference to a free one to complete a transmission link, a capability that is particularly important in an emergency.
  • Adaptive software will enable these intelligent devices to reconfigure their functions to meet the demands of communications networks or consumers as needed. These alterations will be based on the ability to sense and remember various factors such as the radio-frequency spectrum, user behavior, or network state in different transmission environments at any one place and time. As a result, wireless communications should become far more dependable and convenient.
  • The new flexibility afforded by cognitive radio may also eventually enable consumers to take advantage of cheaper wireless network paths available locally to make calls, a feature that would do much to revolutionize the communications business.
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