Dark Matter Simulations Help Solve Milky Way Mystery [Video]

dark matter, dwarf galaxy

Kristin Riebe and the CLUES team

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The Milky Way’s satellite galaxies appear to lie on a single plane—a puzzling and wholly unexpected alignment. In “Dwarf Galaxies and the Dark Web,” an article in the March 2014 Scientific American, astrophysicist Noam Libeskind describes how supercomputer simulations of galaxy formation might help solve this riddle. Libeskind has worked on simulations such as the CLUES project, which model dark matter evolution across the universe. The video below traces the evolution of the Andromeda (center), Milky Way (upper right) and M33 (lower right) galaxies from the time when the universe was less than 100 million years old—an infant on the cosmological scale.




Credit: Kristin Riebe and the CLUES team

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