Cross Talks: Is Information Overload Overblown? [Video]

Join SA editor Gary Stix and other panelists for an academic discussion on the impact of today's media firehose and the question of whether it unduly disrupts our lives

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Join SA editor Gary Stix and an academic panel which will discuss the topic of information overload, at 1 pm EDT today (September 18). The discussion, hosted by international academic talk show Crosstalks, will center on the contemporary flood of media information and whether the claim that it constitutes a significant disruption to our daily lives is hype.

Some of the questions will include the following: Does technological change cause stress in our daily lives? How much does an ordinary citizen need to know about different kinds of technology? What are some of the biggest advances in the neuro field?

Check out the live stream below. The show started at 11 am EDT today with a discussion of sustainable lifestyles, to be followed by dialogue on the topic of high-frequency trading. The discussion of information overload will get under way at 1 pm EDT.




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