Fast Facts on Brazil

Natal is the capital of Rio Grande do Norte, an underdeveloped state that contributes less than 1% of gross domestic product (GDP).

Natal: 789,896
(metropolitan area: 2.7 million)
Brazil: 186.8 million

Infant Mortality (per 1,000 births)
Natal: 36.1
Brazil: 25.1

Illiteracy Above Age 15
Natal: 21.5%
Brazil: 11%

Life Expectancy
Natal: 70.1
São Paulo: 73.9

State Contribution to national gdp
Rio Grande do Norte: 0.9%
São Paulo: 30.9%

The AASDAP logo incorporates the 14-bis, the airplane flown by aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont in 1906 near Paris to win two European prizes for the first flights of a powered, heavier-than-air craft. The Southern Cross constellation reflects AASDAP’s goal of enabling Brazilians to “fly” in their own land.

Nations with transitional economies similar to Brazil’s are pinning development hopes
on science and technology, some investing a larger proportion of national resources.
Gross Expenditure on R&D, 2004
(in billions of U.S. dollars/as a percentage of GDP)

  • Brazil: $13.5/0.91%
  • China: $95.5/1.23%
  • India: $23.7/0.69%
  • Singapore: $2.6/2.23%
  • South Korea: $28.3/2.85%
  • Taiwan: $15/2.38%

SOURCE: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development

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