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YouTube Tutor Salman Khan and His Online Academy

Ten questions for hedge-fund-analyst-turned-education-reformer Salman Khan

Once you reach a certain knowledge state, the system should be able to tell you, “You know what you’re doing. We think there’s a 95 percent chance that if you were to take the credential test on this right now, you would do very well. It costs $20 to take it at the local testing center. Go do it.”

We’re going to be fully internationalized in five years, so we’re available in every major language. We’re at six million students per month now. In five years I don't know. Fifty million—I’m kind of just pulling that number out of the air—sounds, on one level, aggressive. But it doesn’t sound crazy.

What about a brick-and-mortar school?
Even before Khan Academy existed, I always wanted to start a school. But for the next two to three years the focus needs to be on developing this platform. Then we can create a school: hire some amazing teachers, bring some students in and really start to experiment with the physical experience. Call it what you will—the school of the future.

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