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LEED Compliance Not Required for Designing Green Buildings

Constructing buildings to the LEED standard can conserve energy and materials-or be exploited for promotional gain

Still, the professor sees improvements in the standards and regards the widespread adoption of LEED as a positive trend. “What started as voluntary becomes mandatory, which is how social values change,” Moore says, citing the Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method, the U.K.’s equivalent of LEED, which has now been integrated into that nation’s building regulations.

Indisputably, in a few short years LEED has rapidly taken the U.S. from a nation of environmentally thoughtless architecture to a nation where even the gas stations are trying to go green. Whether the system can ultimately build an environmentally friendly country remains an open question.

Note: This story was originally printed with the title, "MisLEEDing".

This article was originally published with the title "Mis LEEDing?."

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