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In April the editors took delicious advantage of the day that celebrates a uniquely human capacity--humor. In the spirit of the adage "Many truths are spoken in jest," they modestly proposed in SA Perspectives to be fair and balanced--to henceforth cover all explanations of natural phenomena. The voluminous and emotional responses ranged from kudos to condemnation. Some admitted they fell for the mock-serious announcement before reading the last sentence that stated this new policy would start on April Fools' Day. Others may not have finished reading before they dashed off frantic pleas for us not to buckle under pressure from gathering antiscience forces. And a few congratulated us for finally seeing the light.

Two e-mails exemplified the range of responses: Susan Scroggins wrote, "If your goal was to rid yourselves of those pesky creationist subscribers, you have succeeded--at least with this one." From Susan Suver came admiration and an extra measure of encouragement--"I am so hot for all of you. If it's wrong to want to marry you en masse and have your smart, snarky little babies, I don't want to be right. Thanks for saying what so desperately needed to be said."

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