Strands of Life: Trailer for 61st Annual Lindau Meeting Films

Nature Video presents five short films on physiology and medicine

Nature Video

Scientists from more than 70 countries gathered at the 2011 Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau this summer to discuss the world’s greatest health challenges and how to tackle them. The young researchers followed in these films are working on malaria, cancer, viruses and more. They are also learning how to be scientists; how to write grant applications, how to collaborate with other research groups, and how to find the right career path.

Unlike other scientific conferences, the scope of the annual Meeting of Nobel Laureates in Lindau is very broad. The participants enjoy exchanging ideas across disciplines and often they find surprising connections. We followed a diverse bunch of young researchers as they met with Nobel laureates. See what advice the laureates offer—and what questions the laureates have for the early-career scientists. By the end of the meeting, several collaborations were in the pipeline! This trailer gives a flavor of the films that follow.

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