Live Chat with SA Blogs Editor Bora Zivkovic on Clocks, Metabolism and Evolution

Zivkovic, a chronobiologist, biology teacher, organizer of ScienceOnline conferences and editor of Open Laboratory, will answer your questions about a recent flurry of papers in the circadian rhythms field

Are you intrigued by your sleep cycles and circadian rhythms? Want to learn more about the genes that turn on and off within our cells during a 24-hour period, the evolution of body clocks, organisms that have shut down their circadian clocks and interactions between circadian rhythms and reproductive cycles?

Join us below at noon Eastern on Friday (June 1) for a live 30-minute online chat at Scientific American with chronobiologist Bora Zivkovic, SA's blogs editor. We invite you to post chat questions in advance in the comments below.

Here is Bora's recent post on papers presented at the recent biannual meeting of the Society for Research on Biological Rhythms.

Feel free to ask him other questions too about ScienceOnline, this week's World Science Festival in New York City, the ScienceSeeker blogs aggregator and the Open Laboratory, an annual collection of the best science writing online.

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