Live Webcast: Xenophobia--Why Do We Fear Others?

Join in at 10 P.M. ET to watch prominent scholars and thinkers discuss whether our instinct to form in-groups and out-groups is maladaptive in today's world

ASU Origins Project

Join a panel of scientists, scholars and public intellectuals, including primatologist Frans de Waal, international economic advisor and Earth Institute Director Jeffrey Sachs, experimental social psychologist Steven Neuberg, cognitive neuroscientist Rebecca Saxe, physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson and New York Times editorialist Charles Blow, as they discuss the biological and social dimensions of the timely issue of xenophobia, or the unreasonable fear of "others."

The panel discussion, held at Arizona State University's Gammage Auditorium and presented by the ASU Origins Project and ASU's Center for Social Dynamics and Complexity, is set for 10 P.M. EDT Saturday evening. 
Live video by Ustream

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