Microsoft Wants to Denigrate Your iPhone and Android Again

Look how awful that iPhone 5 is

Look how awful that iPhone 5 is.


Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

Many humans are competitive.

They want to prove that they have the winning hand -- or even the winning phone in their hand.

Microsoft, over recent times, has been keen to humiliate these people in public. First, there was the "Smoked By Windows Phone" challenge, in which Redmond's indefatigable Ben Rudolph proved that Microsoft's phones were so much faster than iPhones or Samsungs.

With the advent of Windows Phone 8, you are invited to a new challenge. This is called "Meet Your Match."

It is similar to the "Smoked By Windows Phone" challenge in that Rudolph and friends will prove that your iPhone 5s and Androids are mere lumps of plastic. Or in iPhone 5's case, effete of clay.

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