The Monitor ep. 4 - Dinosaurs, Hot or Not Psychology, Ocean Temperatures and Virtual Surgery [Video]

The science news roundup that doesn't insult your intelligence or put you to sleep

This week on The Monitor: 3 new dinosaurs discovered (only 2 of which are cool), what tells us about the psychology of love, a disturbing map of human impact on the world's oceans, and a "virtual patient" that looks like Operation on steroids.

 Created, written & designed by John Pavlus / Screencasts produced by Smashcut Media / Music by Jeff Alvarez

Episode 1: Facebook Sociology and Dog Bark Translations (1/24/2008)
Episode 2: Free Will, Death, Brains (2/6/2008)
Episode 3: Malaria, Physicists, Video Game Science, Cousin Love (2/13/2008)

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