This article is from the In-Depth Report Hurricane Sandy: An Unprecedented Disaster

Myth-Conceptions: 5 Falsehoods about Superstorm Sandy

During disasters, rumors, untruths and exaggerations swirl through the air along with the detritus of hurricane winds

Myth: You should've kept your windows open during Sandy

There's an urban legend that suggests keeping windows shut during a hurricane causes pressure to build up in a home until the building's roof pops off. By this logic, you should open your window just a tad to equalize pressure.

It's true that as hurricanes move into an area, atmospheric pressure can plummet by nearly 10 percent, raising the relative indoor pressure. Such a sudden drop may cause problems.

"It could basically blow out your windows," says Rice University hydrologist Philip Bedient. "It happens all the time."

However, Bedient still takes issue with this advice. Opening your window may help equalize pressure, but allowing 145-kilometer-per-hour winds into your home presents other risks, and it isn't the best strategy. —Daisy Yuhas

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