Lagos Be Unlimited [Video]

The people of cities such as Lagos are forging the world's urban future—messily, scrappily, but with do-it-yourself energy and entrepreneurial verve

In my article "Global Bazaar," I look at Lagos, Nigeria, a city that runs on unlimited entrepreneurial zeal. I collaborated with artist Andrea Haenggi to make the following video, which shows the neighborhoods mentioned in the article. No matter how raw, cacophonous and bewildering the city’s environment may be, its people are engaged in a super-energetic life of self-development. A dump picker moves up the recycling supply chain. A teenager sells drinking water to pay her school fees. A merchant journeys to China to supply the massive mobile phone market. A fisherman watches as his neighbors fill in the shoreline to create a road. The result is a paradox: a city that seems paralyzed by challenges where everyone is undeniably on the move. —Robert Neuwirth


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