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News from the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair

Live-blogging from the exhibit hall in Atlanta as students show off projects on everything from lowering cholesterol to killing aphids using weeds, robots made out of Legos, and a battery that runs on air

Ivan Oransky

By the Scientific American staff

This week, "Where Are They Now?" columnist Laura Vanderkam and managing editor, online, Ivan Oransky, are in Atlanta for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair. ISEF is an annual event that seeks to show off the best of high school science. Sponsored by Intel—which also sponsors the Science Talent Search whose past finalists we started profiling this week—it draws 1,500 students from 51 countries to a host city to show off their work. The kids compete for $4 million in scholarships and awards.

Read Oransky's and Vanderkam's blogs from the exhibit hall:


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