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Roots of Science Hatred
Adults may resist scientific facts because of childhood experiences. Yale University psych­ologists note that before children can even speak, they develop common-sense assumptions about the physical world that can persist into adulthood and clash with scientific discoveries...

Quantum Photosynthesis
A long-standing mystery of photosynthesis is how the process converts sunlight with nearly 100 percent efficiency to chemical energy. The key may be quantum coherence, the same phenomenon that makes lasers and superconductors work...

New Ways for More Stem Cells
Two methods may dramatically increase the availability of embryonic stem cells. Using biochemical techniques, three independent teams reprogrammed mouse skin cells into cells nearly indistinguishable from the embryonic kind...

Catch the Laser Rainbow
Semiconductor specks called nanocrystals may be pointing the way to lasers that shine in colors beyond the basic red and blue seen in bar-code scanners and DVD players. Semiconductors create laser light by offering electrons a choice of two energy states, lower or higher...

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