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Each of us has a rich inner mental life, one that seems inaccessible to everyone else. To others, we believe, we represent a kind of human terra incognita. After all, how can anybody really know what is on our mind?

As it turns out, however, our feelings and thoughts are only too visible to those who know how to look. You will learn why in our special report, “The Body Speaks.” Tiny “microexpressions” involuntarily flit across our face, revealing our emotions, as Siri Schubert explains in “A Look Tells All,” starting on page 26. In “Gestures Offer Insight,” beginning on page 20, Ipke Wachsmuth describes how we make hand or other motions to add shades of meaning to words as we converse. And when we fib, our very physiology can give us away, Thomas Metzinger details in “Exposing Lies”; go to page 32.

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