Prize-Winning Photos Capture New Views of the Deep Redwood Forest [Slide Show]

Not just trees, but owls, ferns and sunsets take on a surreal, unexpected quality
redwoods, Muir Woods, Sean O'Gara

Sean O’Gara

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Okay, you probably know that redwood forests are beautiful, but when you see them through a camera lens they can take on a mystical quality. The Save the Redwoods League recently revealed the winners of its 2013 photo contest. The league, based in San Francisco, challenged visitors in redwood parks to “capture every angle of the redwood forest, from the smallest critters inhabiting the forest floor to the lofty tree canopy.”

» View the redwood slide show

The league received nearly 600 photographs and thousands of public votes that helped establish the winners. In spotlighting the beauty of redwood ecosystem, the league hopes to inspire people to protect it as a national treasure.

We’ve posted a slide show of the three winning images and two runners-up, with the permission of the league and the photographers. You can see all the photos here, and send free eCards sporting the winning images.

»View the redwood slide show

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