The Smartest Cities Will Use People as Their Sensors [Video]

By networking individuals and their gadgets, urban apps will tell inhabitants what is happening all around them, in real time

Olliver Munday

Several projects coordinated by MIT's Senseable City lab have revealed the powerful urban insights that can occur when people are linked via networks of sensors. Video and animations about a selection of such projects can be seen below. 

LIVE Singapore uses real-time data recorded by myriad communications devices, microcontrollers and sensors to analyze the pulse of the city, telling residents how they can reach their homes fastest, reduce their neighborhood’s energy consumption and find a taxi when a rainstorm hits.

Trash Track reveals how garbage flows through and out of Seattle's waste-management system. Some items traveled across the U.S. to legal and illegal dumps. The results could uncover ways to improve compliance and to minimize carbon dioxide emissions by transporting waste more efficiently.

Real-Time Copenhagen generates data about constantly shifting traffic and pollution patterns, as well as where nightlife is unfolding.

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