Scientific American's 2013 Gadget Guide: 10 Technologies You Need to See [Slide Show]

We show you some of our favorite gizmos from the past year

Courtesy of Scientific American

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New mainstream gadgets came out in force this year, as Apple and its Android competitors flooded the market with new tablets and smartphones. We also got a glimpse of the next gadget battlefield: smartwatches. Samsung launched its Galaxy Gear wrist computer/communicator, which already faces competition in the form of Qualcomm’s Toq, the Sony SmartWatch 2 and several others. Apple hasn’t made any official announcement about its entry into the fray—whether they call it an iWatch or something similar—but we’re saving them a spot in 2014.

In this year’s annual guide Scientific American once again takes a broader look at the spectrum of new gadgets that stream Web content to your TV, improve your health and even bond with your dog. Several items on our list began as crowdfunded projects, and all are available for at least preorder at this time.

View a slide show of the 2013 Scientific American Gadget Guide.

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