Chat at 12:30 PM EST on Sex, Risk and Power

Join us for a live online chat about the psychology behind sex drive and why so many people are willing to risk it all for a good time

Steve A. Johnson via Creative Commons

Join us below at 12:30 P.M. Eastern time on Wednesday (November 14) for a live 30-minute online chat with sex behavior specialist Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Berlin studies sexual compulsivity in humans, with a focus on the psychology behind our sex drive and addiction. His research touches on biological factors and social stigmas surrounding promiscuity.

In light of the latest revelations surrounding former CIA Director David Petraeus, we'll discuss the chemistry that could motivate extramarital trysts. While society generally thinks of sex in purely moral terms, Berlin will break down the science behind the biological process.

He also will draw upon psychology research to explain why humans are willing to risk it all for sex. 

We invite you to post chat questions in advance. We have already turned on the capacity to log in to the chat box below. Berlin will join us at 12:30 PM EST on Wednesday, November 14.

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