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Succession Science: Are Fingerprint Patterns Inherited?

A Father's Day inheritance investigation from Science Buddies

Observations and results
Did you see some examples of fingerprint patterns being inherited?
There is an inheritance component to fingerprint patterns but the genetics of how they are inherited are complicated. (Multiple genes are involved.) Fingerprints are also affected by a person's environment while developing in the womb. Because of this, you may have seen some examples of fingerprint patterns likely being inherited (such as a son and/or daughter having the same pattern type as their father). But this may not have always been the case for individuals you know to be closely related. To more clearly see how fingerprint patterns are inherited, you would need to use a much larger sample size, such as described in the first "Extra" step. Because each person's fingerprints are unique, and not even identical twins—who share the same DNA—have identical fingerprints, this also shows that fingerprints are not completely controlled by genetics.
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