Test Your Multitasking Skills [Interactive]

Challenge your ability to juggle mental tasks with this interactive feature

We all multitask, but some of us are especially good at it. This test helps researchers identify "supertaskers," those rare individuals who can execute several mental tasks at once without missing a beat. Are you one of them?

To understand your multitasking mind, read "Top Multitaskers Help Explain How Brain Juggles Thoughts." For the full version of the supertasker test, click here.

The GateKeeper test was created by Andrew Heathcoate of the University of Newcastle and David Strayer of the University of Utah and developed by David Elliot  of the University of Newcastle.

Many thanks for the support of the Faculty of Science and IT, University of Newcastle, and the University of Utah.

University of Newcaste, Andrew Heathcoate, David Stayer University of Utah, David Strayer


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