The Death Cults of Prehistoric Malta [Preview]

New archaeological excavations reveal that as the ancient island societies suffered from environmental decline, they developed an extreme religious preoccupation with life and death

CAROLINE MALONE, ANTHONY BONANNO, TANCRED GOUDER, SIMON STODDART and DAVID TRUMP have extensively explored the ruins of ancient Maltese culture and contributed to its modern understanding. Malone is senior tutor and fellow in archaeology at Hughes Hall, Cambridge. Bonanno is professor of archaeology at the University of Malta. The late Tancred Gouder was director of museums at the National Museum of Malta. Stoddart is senior lecturer and fellow in archaeology at Magdalene College, Cambridge. Trump was most recently tutor in archaeology in continuing education at the University of Cambridge and from 1958 to 1963 curator of archaeology at the National Museum of Malta.

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