This Is What a Scientist Looks Like

A new Web site attempts to dispel a pervasive stereotype

Courtesy of Brigette Zacharczenko, and Terry Hopkins

If you ask middle school students what a scientist looks like, they will tell you he is an old white guy with crazy hair, glasses and a lab coat. More often than not, he is depicted inside and playing with chemicals. This stereotype is pervasive—and completely, totally wrong.

This is why I love the new Tumblr site This Is What a Scientist Looks Like at Scientists from all kinds of fields are asked to submit photographs of themselves and write a brief bit about who they are. The pictures are incredible; scientists are depicted everywhere from Antarctica to the tropics, on the tops of mountains or under the sea. The pics express personality, intelligence and even a little humor.

If you are a scientist, I strongly encourage you to add yourself. And if you are not, go check out what scientists really look like.

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