Threatened Wildlife in the Here and Now [Slide Show]

More pictures from a traveling photo exhibit of creatures on the brink

James Balog

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Humans have long been inspired by wildlife—consider the cave paintings of woolly mammoths. These rough-hewn sketches, along with fossils, are all that physically remain of mammoths, though they live on in our imagination.

Given the twin threats of habitat destruction and global warming, many present-day creatures face a similar fate as these departed animals. Someday, mankind may look back at photographs of wildlife from the early 21st century and wonder about those plants and animals that were lost to human carelessness and climate change.

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Organizers of the traveling exhibit "Irreplaceable: Wildlife in a Warming World" hope that images such as these will raise awareness about the potential dangers faced by creatures worldwide and help ensure their protection. Visit for more information about the show (set to run through April) and scheduled exhibit stops.

For more images, check out the previous slide show.

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