Top 25 Green Energy Leaders

Forward-thinking companies, universities and municipalities are finding creative ways to run on renewable power

20. DuPont
Wilmington, DE | Chemicals
180 million green kWh, 4% of total power used
Ten years ago the chemicals giant committed to running on 10 percent renewable energy by 2010. It still has a way to go—more than 200 million kWh, in fact—but the company is already getting energy from a wide range of sources, including biomass incinerated to make steam energy and landfill gas that fuels boilers.

21. Wells Fargo & Company
San Francisco, CA | Banking
175 million green kWh, 14% of total power used
Like many organizations, Wells Fargo has been purchasing credits to offset some of its prodigious energy use. But as a lender, it has also invested hundreds of millions of dollars in renewable energy projects, among them a wind farm in Texas and a 64-megawatt solar-photovoltaic plant outside of Las Vegas.

22. Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts
Whittier, CA | Government
171 million green kWh, 54% of total power used
What could be clean about a landfill? The energy it yields, of course. The sanitation districts, which manage landfills and wastewater treatment facilities, run 10 power plants off their own waste. Most of the energy comes from burning methane gas that seeps from landfills (as garbage decomposes) or that is emitted from water treatment (as bacteria break down solids). The departments are required by law to recapture the gas, and they’ve been turning it into energy since the 1970s. How long will the landfills keep coughing up fuel? One of the power plants is still running off a dump closed in the 1960s. The group is set to open a new 12-megawatt landfill power plant in Calabasas, Calif., in October.

23. U.S. Department of Energy
Washington, DC | Government
158 million green kWh, 3% of total power used
The Energy Department is partially powering its own headquarters through offset credits from geothermal energy, and its goal is to reach 7.5 percent renewable power by next year. The department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo., also promotes research and design of new and improved technologies.

24. PepsiAmericas
Schaumburg, IL | Food & Beverage
157 million green kWh, 100% of total power used
Quick to follow the lead of PepsiCo, PepsiAmericas—which, like the Pepsi Bottling Group, is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of the soda company’s products—went all-renewable in a flash. By July 2007 energy for all its U.S. operations was entirely offset by green energy credits.

25. Vail Resorts
Broomfield, CO | Travel & Leisure
151 million green kWh, 100% of total power used
Put on those goggles—schussing just got a bit breezier. All the chairlifts, resorts and shops operated by the Vail, Beaver Creek, Breckenridge, Keystone and Heavenly ski resorts are now run by green wind power generated in less mountainous states, such as Oklahoma and Iowa, and procured through offset credits.

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