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Unveiling the Toys of Tomorrow [Slide Show]

Robots rule the day at Canadian toy fair

Courtesy of Pippa Wysong

TORONTO—Who says toys are just for kids? Several items unveiled at the recent Canadian Toy Association annual toy fair show just how far toys have come since the introduction of one-time high-tech wonders such as the Speak & Spell and 2-XL in 1978. Among a new generation of toys are an interactive robot with a beat-box function, remote-controlled airboats that travel on the floor, a roving Wi-Fi–connected robot that lets you see and hear things in your home remotely, and speeding toothbrush heads.

Slide Show: The latest toys from the fair

More than 100 booths packed with brightly colored wares were buzzing with activity at the Metro Toronto Convention Center this Jan. 24-26, where toy manufacturers, distributors and toy store reps showcased what's new for 2009 (the fair was not open to the general public). This included a sneak peek at a few handmade prototypes, such as WowWee's Joebot and Scholastic's Bristlebots. Scientific got a preview of hot items that will surely keep kids (and adults) occupied in the months to come.

All toys are currently available unless otherwise indicated.

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