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Tornado Surrounded by Instruments as Scientists Aim to Catch Their "Perfect Storm"

Tornado season was nearly a dud last year for an armada of scientists who hoped to surround a twister with data-collecting instruments. Will this year bring more data?

Christie Nicholson

On May 1, more than 100 scientists will head out to the Midwest for the second part of VORTEX2, the most ambitious study of tornadoes in history.  They plan to hunt down and literally surround twisters with a fleet of mobile radars, weather balloons, and ground instruments.  This is VORTEX2’s second and final season and the hope is to better understand how and when a tornado will form.

Last May, Scientific American chased the VORTEX2 armada during their migration across the Great Plains. Watch in this exclusive video the results of that mission and how this scientific army finally caught their perfect storm.

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