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Stories by Douglas Fischer56 articles archived since 1845

Landlocked Polar Bears Find New Prey

As Arctic ice—and access to seals living there—disappears, polar bears show they can adapt to a land-based diet of geese, eggs and the occasional caribou

July 15, 2014 — Douglas Fischer and The Daily Climate

"Dark Money" Funds Climate Change Denial Effort

A Drexel University study finds that a large slice of donations to organizations that deny global warming are funneled through third-party pass-through organizations that conceal the original funder

December 23, 2013 — Douglas Fischer and The Daily Climate

Coal Exports Boost Train Impacts out West

With Asia's energy demands pulling more U.S. coal to West Coast ports, rail-line communities across Montana fear the effects: More train traffic, health problems, noise and congestion

May 3, 2012 — Douglas Fischer and Daily Climate

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