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Stories by Fred H. Gage4 articles archived since 1845

Brain, Repair Yourself

How do you fix a broken brain? The answers may literally lie within our heads. The same approaches might also boost the power of an already healthy brain

September 1, 2003 — Fred H. Gage

New Nerve Cells for the Adult Brain

Contrary to Dogma, The Human Brain Does Produce New Nerve Cells in Adulthood. Can This Lead to Better Treatments for Neurological Diseases?

April 1, 2002 — Fred H. Gage and Gerd Kempermann

New Nerve Cells for the Adult Brain

Contrary to dogma, the human brain does produce new nerve cells in adulthood. Can our newfound capacity lead to better treatments for neurological diseases?

May 1, 1999 — Gerd Kempermann and Fred H. Gage

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