Stories by Jaron Lanier

    JARON LANIER is a computer scientist often described as "the father of virtual reality." In addition to that field, his primary areas of study have been visual programming, simulation, and high-performance networking applications. He is chief scientist of Advanced Network and Services, a nonprofit concern in Armonk, N.Y., that funds and houses the engineering office of Internet2. Music is another of Lanier's great interests: he writes for orchestra and other ensembles and plays an extensive, exotic assortment of musical instruments--most notably, wind and string instruments of Asia. He is also well known as an essayist on public affairs.
  • Scientific American Volume 309, Issue 5 | More Science How to Think about Privacy

    How to Think about Privacy

    Making sense of one of the thorniest issues of the digital age

    November 1, 2013 |

  • April 2001 | More Science Virtually There

    Virtually There

    Three-dimensional tele-immersion may eventually bring the world to your desk

    April 1, 2001 |

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