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Stories by John Horgan187 articles archived since 1845

The Forgotten Era of Brain Chips

The work of Jose Delgado, a pioneering star in brain-stimulation research four decades ago, goes largely unacknowledged today. What happened?

September 26, 2005 — John Horgan

Twist and Shout

Astronomers claim the universe has a preferred direction

July 1, 1997 — John Horgan

Pinning Down Inflation

Cosmologists strive to preserve a popular theory of creation

June 1, 1997 — John Horgan

The Sinister Cosmos

A meteorite yields clues to life's molecular handedness

May 1, 1997 — John Horgan

Leaping Leptoquarks!

Hints of "new physics" emerge from German accelerators

March 24, 1997 — John Horgan

Which Came First?

Feathered fossils fan debate over the bird-dinosaur link

February 1, 1997 — John Horgan

Beyond the Test Ban

Experts debate the need for a giant laser-fusion machine

December 1, 1996 — John Horgan

Life, Life Everywhere

The origin of life on earth appears more and more inevitable--or does it?

November 25, 1996 — John Horgan

Multicultural Studies

Rates of depression vary widely throughout the world

November 1, 1996 — John Horgan

Mind Over Body

Stroke victims cannot perceive paralysis in themselves--or others

September 23, 1996 — John Horgan

Score One for Punk Eek

The fitful evolution of bacteria supports a controversial theory

July 21, 1996 — John Horgan

Group Think

A previously rejected theory about natural selection makes a comeback

July 1, 1996 — John Horgan

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