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Stories by Lisa Melton

Body Blazes

How nicotine stops inflammation could lead to new drugs

May 22, 2006 — Lisa Melton

Aching Atrophy

More than unpleasant, chronic pain shrinks the brain

January 1, 2004 — Lisa Melton

Subduing Suppressors

Silencing certain immune cells could defeat disease

December 1, 2002 — Lisa Melton

Count to 10

Frog eggs may crack the mystery of how anesthesia works

February 1, 2002 — Lisa Melton

Womb Wars

New evidence that a mother¿s and father¿s ¿imprinted genes¿ battle to determine a baby¿s size

October 20, 2000 — Lisa Melton

AGE Breakers

Rupturing the body's sugar-protein bonds might turn back the clock

July 1, 2000 — Lisa Melton