Stories by S. Fred Singer

    S. FRED SINGER is director of the Science and Environmental Policy Project in Fairfax, Va., and professor at George Mason University. A pioneer in the use of rockets (captured German V-2s) to investigate the upper atmosphere and near-Earth space, he was the first director of the National Weather Satellite Center. He devised the cosmic-ray method of dating meteorites and was among the first to study the origin and evolution of the Martian moons.
  • March 2000 | Space To Mars by Way of Its Moons

    To Mars by Way of Its Moons

    Phobos and Deimos would make ideal staging areas

    March 1, 2000 |

  • Scientific American Volume 223, Issue 3 | Energy & Sustainability Human Energy Production as a Process in the Biosphere

    Human Energy Production as a Process in the Biosphere

    In releasing the energy stored in fossil and nuclear fuels man accelerates slow cycles of nature. The waste products of power generation then interact with the fast cycles of the biosphere

    September 1, 1970 |

  • Scientific American Volume 191, Issue 5 | Space The Origin of Meteorites

    The Origin of Meteorites

    Before they crash to earth these stony or metallic objects are exposed to cosmic rays. Helium produced by this bombardment provides a new clue to the planetary catastrophes of the past

    November 1, 1954 |

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