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Stories by Steve Nadis7 articles archived since 1845

The Cells That Rule the Seas

The ocean's tiniest inhabitants, notes biological oceanographer Sallie W. Chisholm, hold the key to understanding the biosphere--and what happens when humans disturb it

December 1, 2003 — Steve Nadis

Keeper of the Objects

With a shoestring budget, asteroid and comet watcher Brian Marsden looks out for Armageddon from the skies--and not without controversy

July 14, 2003 — Steve Nadis

Man against a Mountain

Yucca Mountain is set to become the nation's prime nuclear waste site, but geologist Rodney C. Ewing thinks that federal enthusiasm for it has outstripped the science

February 10, 2003 — Steve Nadis

Planetary Protection

X-ray tests show how to deflect an incoming asteroid

September 16, 2002 — Steve Nadis

Fertilizing The Sea

A firm wants to add nutrients to the ocean to create fisheries and soak up carbon dioxide

April 1, 1998 — Steve Nadis