Health care reform: The uninsured congressman stays healthy

When Barack Obama speaks at the Democratic National Convention tonight, many of us will tune in to hear whether he addresses health care reform.

That reminded Scientific American to catch up with Democratic Rep. Steve Kagen, the Wisconsin allergist-turned congressman who refused federal health coverage and has introduced his own health care reform bill.

We wanted to know whether Kagen, 58,  had become ill since we profiled him in May and, if so, how he paid for his care.

"Congressman Kagen's health has been great," an aide told me in an e-mail. "He takes very good care of himself, lest he be faced with a difficult decision and costly medical bills."

No progress yet on his legislation, but bets are he'll have to stay healthy a bit longer to see the bill make it to the House floor.

photo courtesy Steve Kagen






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