Shark Savers SharksCount

Shark Savers SharksCount

Shark Savers, a non-profit organization, works to improve protections for sharks. This requires information about local populations, yet even basic data is often absent or missing. Divers see sharks the most frequently and regularly and are often familiar with local trends but rarely have the training or tools to accurately and consistently record these valuable sightings in a way that can be useful to shark conservation and advocacy.

The SharksCount program seeks to close an important data gap by enabling divers to act as citizen scientists for sharks. Over time, these sightings will provide essential information about local shark population trends with the potential to improve protections for sharks.

Project Details

  • PRINCIPAL SCIENTIST: Samantha Whitcraft, Director of Programs
  • DATES: Ongoing
  • PROJECT TYPE: Fieldwork
  • COST: Free
  • GRADE LEVEL: 18+ years old

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What Is Citizen Science?

Research often involves teams of scientists collaborating across continents. Now, using the power of the Internet, non-specialists are participating, too. Citizen Science falls into many categories. A pioneering project was SETI@Home, which has harnessed the idle computing time of millions of participants in the search for extraterrestrial life. Citizen scientists also act as volunteer classifiers of heavenly objects, such as in Galaxy Zoo. They make observations of the natural world, as in The Great Sunflower Project. And they even solve puzzles to design proteins, such as FoldIt. We'll add projects regularly—and please tell us about others you like as well.

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