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Mathematical Recreation406 articles archived since 1845

Jumping Champions

Ian Stewart Leaps over the gaps between prime numbers

December 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

Spiral Slime

Ian Stewart finds mathematics in creatures great and small

November 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

Hex Marks the Spot

Ian Stewart shows how to make some winning connections

September 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

Knotting Ventured...

Ian Stewart shows how pieces of string can illustrate the principles of symmetry

July 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

Paradox Lost

Careful analysis can untangle some logical conundrums, says Ian Stewart

June 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

Rep-Tiling the Plane

A new method makes it easy to generate intricate designs, explains Ian Stewart

May 1, 2000 — Ian Stewart

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