Outlook: Haemophilia

Nature Outlook: Haemophilia
  • Perspective The Fix is In

    The Fix is In

    History explains why people with haemophilia, and their physicians, are cautious to believe that a cure is in sight, says Stephen Pemberton

  • Aetiology Born in the Blood

    Born in the Blood

    People with the inherited bleeding disorder haemophilia lack factors that cause the blood to clot. The disease affects thousands of people around the world and has even played a part in historic events

  • Clotting Factors Stretching Time

    Stretching Time

    Extending the life of clotting factors may improve quality of life for people with haemophilia

  • Gene Therapy Genie in a Vector

    Genie in a Vector

    Repairing the faulty genes that cause haemophilia could ultimately cure the disease, but it will be a tough challenge

Dogged Pursuit
Animal Models

Dogged Pursuit

In the study of haemophilia, man really does have a best friend

Joint Effort

Joint Effort

The hunt is on for ways to diagnose and treat the joint problems that are now the main chronic problem in haemophilia

Oral Solutions

Oral Solutions

Pills made from lettuce leaves could help to prevent one of the most serious complications of haemophilia treatment

Balancing Act

Balancing Act

A promising therapy curtails clotting inhibitors rather than replacing proteins that promote blood clotting

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