October 2008


  • Putting Thoughts into Action: Implants Tap the Thinking Brain

    Putting Thoughts into Action

    Researchers are decoding the brain to give a voice and a hand to the paralyzed—and to learn how it controls our movements

    | October 1, 2008|

  • Five Ways Brain Scans Mislead Us

    Why You Should Be Skeptical of Brain Scans

    Colorful scans have lulled us into an oversimplified conception of the brain as a modular machine

    | October 1, 2008|

  • Tempering Toddler Tantrums Now May Prevent Aggression Later

    Tempering Tantrums

    Emotional outbursts afflict virtually all toddlers. Some children, however, are prone to more violent fits that could—if left unchecked—pave a path toward persistent aggression

    | October 1, 2008|

  • Never Say Die: Why We Can't Imagine Death

    The End?

    Why so many of us think our minds continue on after we die

    | October 1, 2008|

  • The Psychology of

    Talking about Terrorism

    How we characterize an issue affects how we think about it. Replacing the "war on terror" metaphor with other ways of framing counterterrorism might help us curtail the violence more effectively

    | October 1, 2008|

  • Your iBrain: How Technology Changes the Way We Think

    Meet Your iBrain

    How the technologies that have become part of our daily lives are changing the way we think

    | October 1, 2008|

  • The Science of Gossip: Why We Can't Stop Ourselves

    Can Gossip Be Good?

    It helped us thrive in ancient times, and in our modern world it makes us feel connected to others—as long as it is done properly

    | October 1, 2008|

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