• Different Shades of Blue

    Women get sad. Men get mad. Depression comes in many hues

    Erica Westly| May 1, 2010|

  • The Humor Gap: Men and Women See Laughter Differently in Romance

    The Humor Gap

    Men and women may have different roles when it comes to comedy, but laughter is crucial from flirtation through long-term commitment

    Christie Nicholson| May 1, 2010|

  • The Third Gender

    Transsexuals are illuminating the biology and psychology of sex--and revealing just how diverse the human species really is

    Jesse Bering| May 1, 2010|

  • Family Guy: Fathers No Longer Just Backup Parents

    Family Guy

    Move over, "mommy brain". Men go through their own biological changes after a baby is born. But dads are programmed to challenge their kids, not coddle them

    Emily Anthes| May 1, 2010|

  • He Said, She Said

    Women and men speak their own languages, but research reveals the conversational gender divide is not as stark as it seems

    Deborah Tannen| May 1, 2010|

  • The Truth about Boys and Girls

    The Truth About Boys and Girls

    The preference for playing hockey, or house, is far from fixed. Sex differences in the brain are small—unless grown-up assumptions magnify them

    Lise Eliot| May 1, 2010|

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